Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to install Veetle on Ubuntu 11, Firefox

The easiest way to install Veetle for Ubuntu is to:

1. Download Veetle by clicking this link

2.  Open with, Archive Manager (default), and press ok

3.  Click on Veetle folder, and click Extract.
4. Click Extract again
5. Click on Show the Files.
6. Double click on Veetle folder
7.  Double click INSTALL file
8. Click Run In Terminal
9. Restart Firefox. You have now installed Veetle for Firefox
For Veetle install verification:
  1. Open firefox
  2. Go to tools
  3. Go to add-ons
  4. Go to Plugins



  1. sound is out of wack on hi def channels only with the abouve install appreciate and help running MINT 11

  2. Why can't all the guides make it that easy? Thank you! It's taken me 2 days of trying to figure this out, then I followed this guide and it took 2 minutes.

  3. it is not really works for me (ubuntu 11.04, ff 7.0.1)

  4. how do i fix sound on hd channels

  5. for sound issues install the version here:

    The old way(s) to fix it are also posted here

  6. thank man i preciate toke me many weeks for that only minute now gracias! 1000